Oil Slick Hair Color Technique

However, if you have very dark hair, your hair will need to be lightened and bleached. This coloring technique was originally created by celebrity colorist aura friedman of sally hershberger salon by creating iridescent tone mixtures of purples and greens on top of hair for an inky effect.

Oil Slick Hair Oil Slick Hair Oil Slick Hair Color Hair Styles

Unlike most fashion hair color trends, the perfect oil slick hue doesn’t require a full head of bleach.

Oil slick hair color technique. We know bleaching your hair to get the. Whenever the colors should be used for the oil slick. You can use a color melt technique ( where you brush varying shades onto the hair as you please, melting colors as you go ), or a spotlight technique when you apply these shades.

How to get oil slick hair: When it comes to oil slick hair, the darker the hair base, the better. “oil slick is a technique that consists of applying a mix of dark rainbow colors and tones (like blue, green, purple, magenta, red) over light to medium darker hair without bleaching it, giving it an iridescent appearance.”

For a true oil slick look, you should have a blackish base, but the technique still works on brunettes. In this technique i used thick slices to balayage underneath her hair with @colormebykm up to 7 lightener (with olaplex) then used 4 custom @joico vivids (used magenta, indigo, anethyst, peacock green, yellow, sapphire and light purple) all mixed in with @olaplex step 2. Mix up vivid yellow, vivid purple, vivid green, vivid blue and vivid pink.

This hair dyeing technique was dreamed up by celebrity hair stylist, aura friedman, out of the sally hershberger salon. I painted each slice with 2 colors per foil for a more holographic or oil. Why get the oil slick hair color look?

Celebrity colorist aura friedman of sally hershberger salon has created the ultimate dye technique for ladies with darker hair. Pink) worn against dark hair. What makes the oil slick hair color stand out is that it’s mostly about using cooler colors (i.e.

2015 about press copyright contact us creators advertise developers terms privacy policy & safety how youtube works test new features If you’re a brunette and want those fabulous, bright hair colors that everyone else has, oil slick hair is perfect for you. So, that we can get its full pigments to start this color technique.

Normally, if you have light to medium brunette hair this technique should be able to work. This stunning hair color is perfect for those with brunette or black hair that want to try a rainbow hair color without excessive bleaching (which can cause hair damage). And while the initial bleach stage almost scared me.

Since each color is strong, then other colorful hair trends oil slick hair also involves less. These steps below might be helpful for you. Whatever your natural hair color, you won’t have to worry about significant damage to your hair like you would with a pastel look.

The color is also totally customizable making it the perfect hair color option for those with dark hair. Blue, green, purple, etc.,) with a hint of one warm color (i.e. The iridescent tone mixes purples and greens on top of hair for an inky effect.

It’s designed to look dark in certain lighting and shine colorful in the light , like a black oil slick in real life, whereas rainbow contains all the colors in the spectrum, both cool and warm. I've been trying to re. Instead, colorists incorporate a vibrant blend of shades onto a dark base color.

How to dye oil slick hair at home. As far as colors, i opted for shades of blue, violet, and green for an updated take on the oil slick hair trend. Oil slick hair dyes are made up of rich colors that need a dark base to fully stand out the hues are cobalt, green, magenta, and purple.

See how to do an amazing oil slick hair color. Oil slick hair color is a coloring technique that applies a mix of dark blue, green, and purple tones over darker hair, giving it an iridescent appearance. Keep every color separate, in its own bowl with its own brush.

If you decided to get oil slick trend at home, please remember to use right products and hair dye to gain the oil slick trend. But now there's a coloring technique for darker strands that makes your hair look iridescent. It can’t be denied that rainbow hair is dark and mysterious color.

Oil slick hair uses hues of purple, magenta, green, and cobalt, which require a dark base, so they stand out — a perfect color option for black and brunette hair. Follow the link below to read all about it, and see some seriously gorgeous manes that will inspire you to oil up. Choose your colors and permanency

That is, until the oil slick hair color trend began to dominate social media timelines. Oil slick hair is the colorful hair trend featuring shades of blue, purple, green, yellow, red, and even pink in the dark tresses of brunettes. It's called the oil slick (or duck feather).

The whole reason this look is called the oil slick look is because aura wanted to recreate that shimmery feeling of oil. When you think beauty, gasoline and oil are probably not the first images that pop into your head. It's called an oil slick because it resembles the colors in an oil spill.

It’s called the oil slick (or duck feather). If your strands are super dark and you’re looking for the most vibrant oil slick look possible, however, your colorist will have to use bleach to lift your hair to a light brown shade before applying the color.

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