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The only curly girl approved hairspray i have used pantene air spray level 2. I thought it was time we brought someone over to chat who knew a little bit about curly hair to share some of her best curly hair tips with y’all so today we have casey contributing!casey is a professional hairstylist and beauty blogger (from beauty 101) with naturally curly hair of her own & since i have stick straight & baby fine hair i thought.

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I think the result of crunchy hair can be slightly relieved by scrunching the crunch when dry.

Hairspray for curly hair reddit. Kenra professional volume spray 25 at amazon. I have straight hair and use my flat iron to do curls, they rarely stay even with crunchy hair sprays. Usually i just brush the hairspray out.

I try to take care of my curly/wavy hair the best i can but sometimes i feel like because of my job it’s easier to brush them out. Camille rose naturals algae renew deep conditioner wl cocoa and mango butter. Hi my curly haired friends!

Yes, i think that hairspray is an underappreciated item for curly girls. I recommend using gel or spray gel for hold and banishing. (in case you're curious, hairsprays containing drying alcohol include:

You can read more about my experience with it further down in this blog post. Curly hair isn’t just a follicle growth pattern, it’s an art and a science. Keep posts and comments related to curly hair.

Im a waitress and need to have my hair up in a ponytail or bun. No 4 non aerosol hairspray is my holy grail. Provide your routine for photo posts (within 1 hour) 2.

I sampled it in a birchbox last year and havent ever used anything else since. For the top of my hair i usually leave in a large clip so it can have most curl and volume than the rest to get a bigger hair effect, i'm looking into getting a diffuser. I stay away from hairspray unless i want to zap oil on my bangs, hold an updo, or smooth the hair when nothing else is working.

I have very fine hair too, and hairspray is amazing for it. In short, i didn’t love it and therefore wouldn’t recommend it but experiences can definitely vary by hair type. If water is the first ingredient in hairspray, stay away.

But this holds them allllllllll day and feels so soft that i can run my fingers through it without even messing the curls up. Whether you're looking for the best natural curly hair products or products for black curly hair, or even if your hair isn't all that curly and you're just. Camille rose natural curls maker miss jessie’s pillow soft curls.

My hair is frizzy at top which means i slick it back and use hairspray. That means your hair will thrive on rainy, humid days as well as windy, dry days. I use the intelligent nutrients perfect hold hairspray.

Gels generally wont have the hold i'm looking for, and this would be for going out that id want the hairspray for this look so it wouldnt be an everyday thing i'd use. “hairspray is actually great for curls,” marjan explains to me in los angeles, where she’s gently separating my own.

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