Living ideas – green indoor plants in the bathroom

bathroom set up indoor plants at the window

 Succulent indoor plants in the bathroom


Every time I look at my bathroom, I have the feeling that something in the interior is missing there. The white bathroom furniture, the clean, smooth lines, everything looks too easy, without color. Whenever I put a colored decoration into use, it can somehow not visually inscribe into the interior.

That's why I decided to stick to the natural. I started fresh  houseplants to think. But how should that work with less light and moisture ?! I did some research and it turned out that there are indoor plants for every interior. There are such species that tolerate less light and much moisture very well. If you are interested in the topic, read on!

Bath plants create a cozy, inviting ambience

bathroom furnishings room plants bathroom furniture

Find the perfect place for the bath plants

Let's start with the ideal place to position the plants! Like the washbasin! This is the exact place where I want to position my bath plants. Which plant species would fit in such a place? It depends on the volume of light. Plants such as aloe and epiphyllum tolerate low light, while azalea and aerial plants need more light. Some species of orchid and fern are good for both low and abundant light. That depends on the specific species.

Beautiful orchids

bathroom set up room plants orchids

Another popular spot where you could put your bath plants is near the bathtub. Below is a great example of how to install a plant container.

Install plant container

bathroom set up indoor plants built in plant container

Below we see a lush, tropical oasis of verdure. The plants have been placed behind the bathtub and on the wall shelf. The bathroom now has a new, inspiring look.

Succulent houseplants

bathroom set up green roomplant bathtub

On the next picture you see Aspidistra Elatior (does not need a strong natural light) and fern near the bathtub. Beautiful or?!

Aspidistra elatior and fern

bathroom set up indoor plants freestanding bathtub

For a charming look you can think of a topiary nursery. The house plants below create a charming image of the bathroom and make the window an eye-catcher. What a welcoming atmosphere!

Formschnitt Nursery

   bathroom furnish bathroom furniture indoor plants

Bathroom in Moroccan style

bathroom in moroccan style indoor plants

Do you have no space for plants? Think fast! Integrate a shelf where you can have a plant in the pot next to the lotion and cream.

Integrate a shelf

bathroom set up room plants orchids wall decoration

Here you have put the bath plants in the sink. Original, right?

Fern in the sink

beautiful bathroom set up green indoor plants

Do not forget that bath plants can be an important part of bathroom decoration. The properly selected plant varieties give a cool dash to the interior design.

Eclectic bathroom frame

  bathroom set up room plants carpet vanity

Our last example is a tropical bath. Here you can lose yourself in the fresh, green atmosphere. Think ahead and create a corner of paradise in your bathroom!

Tropical bathroom

  tropical bathroom set up green indoor plants

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